Respect is showing kindness to people. People need to respect other people, especially when they are strangers. If we treated each other with more respect, there would be less arguements and misunderstandings. Personal responsibility is important because being responsible for yourself is a good trait to have, and may even give you a leg up in a job. It could hep you get promoted, the boss won’t have to worry about you, because they have faith that you can do a good job by yourself.

Being innovatve, factual, and entertaining at the same time when creating motivational media is important because the only thing that flat and “one-dimensional” videos motivate you to do, is take a nap! You can’t encorage a lesson learned to a sleping crowd. If you don’t utilize facts, there will not be a lesson learned, and the motivation is lost. Teachng with old tactics can get boring after a peroid of time, so innovation is important. New tactics used in motivational media are very important to utilize when confronting a crowd.


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