Retouching or manipulation photography

What is acceptable with photo retouching and manipulation? Many photographers use Photoshop or use other image-editing programs to enhance their photos because photoshop it’s easy for the photographers to use the skills to retouch photos and also, manipulate the photos for their own agenda. In the photograph, sharpening is usually acceptable because they do not change anything in the subject itself. Photography picks up everything that’s there, the photoshop for the basic fixes to complex lighting adjustments to ultra-tight color control, and there still have a lot of detail in the photography, it’s like a flawless piece of art.

In the magazine images there the portrait photographers routinely smooth out a female subject’s skin or make other adjustments and are especially prevalent in fashion and advertising.  Many people noticed that images in the magazines are looking real but the images it’s so fake, I don’t think is that acceptable for the people because the images have changed that person weight, skin, and color. So the images there definitely show tell-tale signs of Photoshop use.


“Note the duck’s head to the right of the little girl’s hat. This photo is a crop of a much larger image containing other kids and I was concentrating on them. I did not notice the duck but even if I had, this scene was very dynamic with a lot of motion, so I would have taken the shot anyway.” I agree with that sometimes you just have to go for it. To be better capture what you see. Then use photoshop to occasionally need to correct what the perceive to be a fault in the image or remove some offending element. In above the photos, the duck’s head looks easy to cloned out with photoshop. I will accept this images after used the photoshop.



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