I’ve never been to Germany or studies it in depth about the culture, but I know a bit about Germany. I’ve met some German people in school and I think Germany is one of my favorite place in the world, it’s definitely a good country to learn.

I have positive feelings to German community and happy to visiting in Germany one day. Germany has a lot of beautiful cities and towns. There have Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Köln are the most beautiful and popular cities. Their city has a kicking nightlife to suit all tastes, a ton of museums and galleries, such as the Museum Island UNESCO World Heritage Site, and loads of public art. There are quite awesome museums like Deutsche Museum, Mercedes-Benz Museum, and Technoseum in Germany that you should spend the time to check out and all the castle especially Neuschwanstein Castle.

This country has the best quality in technically they are a very capable nation. Like the Germany has some of the highest quality car companies in the world including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen. All there wonderful automobiles from Germany. Also, they have the Autobahn with an unlimited speed limit.

And Germany has one of the biggest footballing (soccer) cultures in the world. Third division teams often have a higher attendance record than a lot of first divisions in Europe. They always have a great support in the stadiums, the German love soccer, also their love to celebrate every event.

Overall, I love that Germans are environmentalists and despite the fact that Germany is a wealthy country.



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