Animation enhanced​ my life

The film is set in the mind of a young girl named Riley Andersen, with five personified emotions—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust—embodied by characters who try to lead her through life she move from Minnesota to San Francisco and she has to adjust to her new surroundings.

Animation enhanced my life because of references to evolutionary psychology and the emotional turmoil of puberty. Inside out’s the leading proponent of the theory that all human beings, regardless of their historical and cultural, this film has inventive storytelling and mind-blowing animation, create a relationship between these characters inside a little girl’s head and the girl herself. Also inside out’s conveyed strongly enough to provide a foundation for discussion among kids and adults alike.

I have watched this movie much time since come out. Joy keep the four negative emotions – Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness away from the controls just like stay away from Riley. Joy try to keep Riley sensations and feelings.

We all know joy doesn’t like sadness because both are opposites, Joy doesn’t want sadness to ruin the happiness she has in her life because of their complete opposites.

Inside out


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